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We use simple ingredients, like sea salt, whole grains, flour from wheat grown and harvested in the Prairies; 
and natural mold inhibitors, rather than chemical additives.



The Better-For-You Rye Bread

Born and raised in the Prairies, Rye Bread is what we’re good at. Just as our founders did we ferment our Rye starter, adding it to every batch, to give it our signature flavour. We avoid all unnecessary ingredients, so you’ll find No Added Sugar, No Added Fat, and No Added Preservatives. Our promise to you is an honest, unique loaf of Rye every time.

Our Rye has held true to our founder’s goals



The 7 Day Rule

Our products at City bread have a shelf life of 7 days or less.
Our competitors, who use chemical additives in their products have a shelf life of 14 days or more. Which would you rather consume?

Bread should last for a week, not the better part of a month.

We recognize that the only way to give our customers that homemade taste
and quality is to avoid using these chemical additives. Bread should last for a
week, not the better part of a month.